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Target group

The target group are people who like do it yourself project, the target group is mainly men from 20 years to 40. if you like do it yourself projects, then the person often buy, large and heavy things, and then you need a trailer to drive it all home in. and you can rent that trailer free at Silvan. which gives good opportunity for customers to buy a few more things than they have room to in their car.


Graphic mode and design/participants and key objects

Silvans trailer is kept in blue color to match the logo. there is a simple advertisement on the trailer, the advertisements color is red, so you can not avoid seeing it. the the advertisement says "price guarantee on all deals in the newspaper" to the right of the advertisement is a picture of one of the persons from the advertisement, Elton.

At the top to the left is Silvan's logo "meet the Silvans" and underneath the logo, is presented two of the characters from the advertisement, deko Line and Per Casso. At the bottom of the trailer is a dark blue stripe, that says you can rent the trailer for free. At the bottom to the right, you can see the website you can rent the trailer from.


Part of the advertisement, played by words

In Silvan's new advertising have the characters got some funny names. based on their names you can see what department in Silvan they work in.


Deko Line works in the department home and interior design
Elton works in the department lighting
Per Casso works in the paint department


Foreground versus background

in the Foreground you see the trailer you can rent from Silvan. in the background you see a road where there is driving a car. in front of the road is some grass upon which stand two trees, you can see it is spring because the trees have few bright green leaves. above the trees can you see a blue sky with few white clouds.


Symbols and asociaciones used.

the associacions you get when you look at Silvans advertising is is famous people. they have chosen names like:
Bræt pitt, Elton and per Casso who gets most people to think about Brad Pitt, Elton John and Pablo Picasso


Humour, if used at all

Yes I think there is used a great sense of humor, getting the idea to give the empoyees funny names like Vand Hanne and Bygge Steen. In my opinion it is the best advertising there is on TV right now.


Panel title

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