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Fawlty towers

The serie is about Basil Fawlty, who owns a hotel called fawlty towers. Basil takes great pride in making everything really fine. He is very arrogant toward costumers who are not noble people. Basil has a very short fuse, and gets really easily stressed, which makes his charater in the series quite entertaining, as he to put it mildly freaks out over everything. For examble, when he tries to hang a picture on the wall. He is constantly disturbed, and it ends with him, jumping around on the floor, and shouting at all who comes by.

Sibyl fawlty is basils wife and she always bullies around with basil. Which offcause annoys him very much. She alwaysputs basil at work, but she allmost never does enything herself.

Their waiter at the hotel is named manuel, he from spain or as he allways says “I am from Barcelona” he neither speaks or understand english. So if basil asks him to do something, manuel says “que” and looks confused, it usually ends with basil perform the task himself.. mauel has a “hamster” he really cares about. But one day he cant find his hamster (which is accually a rat) and then the hell is breaking loose.

Polly is also a waiter at fawlty tower’s and she helps a little more than Manuel. She is the person who keeps track og everything, when evervything goes wrong.

In front of the hotel is a sign, with says “fawlty towers” but in every title they have detleted a letter, or written something completely different, For example:

Titel 1: fawlty towers

Titel 2: fawlty tower

Titel 3: fawty tower

Titel 4: fawlty toer

Titel 5: warty towels

Titel 6: no sign

Titel 7: watery fowls

Fawlty towers is my dad and mom’s favorite serie so that is why i chose to write about the topic.

My moms favorite episode is “fire drill”: sibyl goes into the hospital for toe surgery. Leaving Basil to cope for the firedrill. And then there is a moose head, which the major thinks can talk. And a real fire in the kitchen, and everything goes completely wrong.

My dad’s favorite episode is “basil the rat”: Manuel says that he has a sibirian hamster, but it really is a rat. The rat escape from its cage, the same day as a man from the food inspection visits the hotel.

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