Radio Ryslinge - MUST tasks
Here are the "MUST TASKS" - the tasks you MUST have in your radio show. 

1. The item on continuation school: 
This is the item you planned last week. Remember to give this part of your show a title. 

2. An item on the short story "Henry": 
You have to read the short story "Henry" and either; 
a) make a review of the short story
b) act out some of the story as a kind of play
c) imagine the story is a film you have seen and should discuss
d) write a poem about the story and read it aloud "on air"
e) pretend you have a guest in the studio who has experienced or eye-witnessed a situation from the story
f) make it into a news report in your news broadcast
g) get an idea of your own! 

Also remember to give your radio show a title! Maybe you radio station even have a name..? and/or a jingle...? (If you have the time...!)

NB. I have lots of different jingles you can have if you like smiley.gif

NB again!: If you choose to make a review, remember to know a few things about the author of the short story. (If you google her, there is some interesting information about her and the story).

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