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To avoid the Account Risks of Diablo 3.

We received the report of users reporting account theft will increase, which is exactly like the Diablo 3 release, we now see situation. We understand that the account stolen by the mood is depressed, and as usual, we do everything we can to help our players to maintain the security of the account - we also like to thank all part of an effort to protect their own account. You can read those to protect the security of your account in an appropriate way to achieve our security objectives through a number of internal and external means.

We recently launched a business calledSMS DIABLO 3 GOLD protection, it allows you to use SMS to unlock a locked account, and restore the account name, password reset or remove a missing authentication etc. When your account to the abnormal activity is detected, you can choose to SMS protection system automatic reminder messages to your phone to send a text to remind you concerned about these important changes.
We online also has other means to help protect the players. Sometimes, when the network detected a number of different from your normal way of non-normal login behavior - such as log in from a strange place - we will prompt you to enter more information or require you to reset the password in the online. World of warcraft players have probably already familiar with this safe manner,players Buy Diablo 3 Gold should begin to encounter such a situation. Then, bashiok also made additional information. In such cases, from the outset, attaches great importance to us to do the work to verify the circumstances in which these invasions occur or how it happened. Although we have already formed conclusions and give a theoretical analysis, we are still looking for a user account other traditional hackers illegally obtaining the password and enter the game may be the case.
However, the validator is not able to 100% of the guaranteed account security, we are still investigating an advance has been associated with the verification report's account is the invasion. If your account is stolen, please visit the previous posts to obtain relevant information, and contact our support department.
We have taken so much measure, wish best for you! If you still doubt about it, visit ourto Cheap Diablo 3 Gold contact us, we will help you.

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